Mission and Values

BDO’s mission is to use our knowledge and experience to help all our communities thrive.

Our mission defines:

  • How we deliver our knowledge and experience to our clients through exceptional service and relationships to ensure their success
  • How we care about our people, their development, personal success and happiness
  • What goals we set ourselves to contribute to economic growth and ensure our input in poverty reduction.

Our core values define how we work towards our mission every day. They rely on committment to quality, highest ethic in work and in all our relationships.

We care about individualism and personal accomplishment at work. For this we create an environment where equality, professionalism, comfort, engagement, teamwork and relationships are of utmost importance. BDO recognizes the principle of equal treatment of persons and rejects any type of discrimination due to race, skin colour, language, ethnicity and social status, nationality, origin, material status of position, place of residence, age, sex, sexual orientation, marital status, handicap, religious, public, political or other affiliation, including affiliation to trade unions, political or other opinions. To ensure quality and exceptional performance, we are committed to being exceptional on the inside. Our relationship-based culture and responsiveness is what all BDO people have in common. Due to excellent knowledge and right attitudes we can work with confidence, flexibility and freedom. This is what’s behind our exceptional service delivery process.

We at BDO always adhere to the fundamental standards of ethics – integrity, fairness and objectiveness in our collaboration with third parties. We deliver our responsibilities always and everywhere and are committed to honesty, trust and transparency in personal and business relationships, which inherently excludes and rejects any bias and conflict of interest.

Constant development to adapt with changes and embrace innovation. In today's complex and dynamic world our clients quite righteously expect from us as their business adviser to always stay up to date with inevitable changes and be ready to direct this knowledge towards helping them to succeed. This principle underpins our constant striving to acquire best knowledge, best practices and trends in profession, our willingness to embrace innovative technologies and apply them for best decisions for our people and business. Continuous learning from experience, professional and technological advancement, as well as personal growth and maturity define BDO’s character as an organization.

We at BDO adhere to the highest standard of professionalism in all our relationships with colleagues, clients and community. We strive to possess best knowledge and skillset and perfect them every day to ensure quality in all our work. We realize the importance of professional certification. To be a BDO professional, regardless of position or role in the firm, means to be an expert in field, always adhere to quality and ethical standards, show utmost respect to others and act in their best interest, keep your promises, often exceed expectations and be perceived as a reliable partner in business as well as personal relationships.