Grow your dreams with BDO

Opportunity for professional development, high-tech and innovative environment, exceptional relationships with our clients as well as teammates, constant drive for success with our people - This is what makes BDO as a distinguished employer.

OUR People

Our people are BDO’s most valuable assets. At the core of our exceptional service stands the exceptional staff whose efforts and professionalism are priceless. We strive to encourage each team member's individuality and desire for self-realization; We create an environment where comfort, engagement, teamwork and relationships matter.

Our people with exceptional character and work ethic, the milestone of singular importance for our firm’s success, reassure us every day that excellence indeed is a habit, a powerful driver forward.

Employee Value Proposition

At BDO, we try to maintain an exceptional relationship-based culture and provide our employees with the best environment to work with confidence, flexibility and freedom which they are entitled to enjoying due to the proper knowledge and right attitude. Our people have the opportunity to get involved in various projects or activities organized by the company.

  • Secondment

To share information, knowledge and experience, BDO people have the unique opportunity to travel to and work for several months at various BDO offices around the world. To get international knowledge and experience, meet professionals, face new challenges and become much more confident is much easier when you are on BDO team.

  • Certification

We strive to promote professional certification. BDO people are entitled to extra study leave, as well as beneficial fees for preparatory tuition, exams and annual membership fees. BDO also sponsors certification of ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants). This level of support is crucial to help our employees in professional development and personal accomplishments.

  • Trainings

At BDO we believe we can help each other achieve our dreams. Internal trainings for our employees to develop their business skills and technical competencies are provided by BDO Academy all year long. Trainings are based on international practice and modern methodologies, combined with the rich practical experience of our highly qualified trainers. Our people can attend not only local but also international trainings planned across the globe.

  • Career Advancement

At BDO we have a transparent career advancement scheme which means that BDO people can  constantly observe the opportunities for their career development. We provide an environment and processes that allow employees to grow personally and professionally.

  • Equal and fair environment for all employees

We condemn and reject any type of discrimination and sexual harassment, both in pre-contractual (including at the stage of advertisements for employment and recruitment) and labor relations. We recognize the principle of equal treatment of persons and we have expectations that you support the prohibition of any type of discrimination due to race, skin colour, language, ethnicity and social status, nationality, origin, material status of position, place of residence, age, sex, sexual orientation, marital status, handicap, religious, public, political or other affiliation, including affiliation to trade unions, political or other opinions.

Relationships matter

Beyond the business environment we are friends who spend time together in an informal environment. Team-building activities, internal sports competitions, involvement in various events on behalf of the company, participation in international football tournaments and corporate parties allow each of us to feel like a member of a large and strong team where relationships matter.



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