Accounting & Bookkeeping

Accounting & Bookkeeping

Ongoing accaunting 

Accounting specialists who rely on technical and industrial experience will provide you with company financial data in real time, anywhere.

Service include:

► Preparation of accounting records

► Preparation and submission of tax returns

► Consulting on financial and tax issues

► Preparation of primary documentation

► Bank transfers

► Preparation of periodic reports

► Submission of reports to the Supervision Service (SARAS).

Chief accauntant service

The company may have an accounting department, however it is important to have the work done confirmed by a professional with relevant competencies.

Service include:

► Establishment and subsequent monitoring of the company's internal accounting system

► Training of accountants and taking care of their development

► Overseeing the development and implementation of internal accounting policy

► Analysis of operations and recommendations to minimize tax risks

► Reporting and analysis with management.

Restore and varification of accaunting records

Restoring accounting records will allow you to have a complete picture of the company's past accounting status. Detect mistakes and correct them to minimize the risks of tax sanctions.

Service include:

► Checking the primary documentation and comparing it with the accounting database

► Checking / restoring accounting records

► Checking / correcting tax returns.

Preparation of financial statements

Prepare annual reports for submission to the Supervision Service (SARAS) with the help of relevant knowledge and competence professionals.

Service include:

► Financial statement reporting

► Profit and loss, retained earnings reporting

► Cash flow reporting.


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 Crosty : Ongoing accaunting

"When we were taking the first steps in business, we knew exactly the idea and the business concept, but we definitely needed proper financial management. With the help of a team of video professionals, we have operational processes, financial analysis available at any time, and more time to do what we do best. ‘’