As a business, we realise our role in addressing sustainability. We are all capable of making an impact and playing our part in leading positive change for various stakeholders with rapidly shifting sustainability expectations globally.

Our people, our clients, communities, governments demand more transparency and accountability in environmental, social and governance (ESG) matters. This demand calls for better understanding of the impact of business and industry on the environment and our societies - and an effective response. This momentum will continue and lead to both complex risks and opportunities for all.

BDO’s approach to sustainability is underpinned by our WHY - People helping people achieve their dreams. This guides every action we take to ensure a more sustainable organisation so that the way we live our lives today does not negatively impact future generations.

Everything we do at BDO is viewed through a sustainability lens to ensure that we implement and embed the principles of sustainability in our business model and help others in doing the same.

As member of the UN Global Compact we acknowledge our responsibility to embrace environmental, social and governance (ESG) matters for the advancement of society, the transparency of business, and the protection of the planet.

We therefore recognize the importance of the UN’s 17 interdependent sustainable development goals (SDGs).

Here are the SDGs we currently commit to as an organization: 

Apart from the proclaimed commitments, BDO offers professional support to businesses who are willing to introduce sustainability principle in their everyday work.

We will be offering companies our help to obtain more information on how to ensure compliance with SDGs, develop sustainability KPIs and implement integrated reporting to be able to provide quality information on their work to the stakeholders.