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  • 1C ERP - Powerful ERP solution for businesses


Financial Management

Powerful financial solutions provide comprehensive financial and cost accounting functionality and controls. With real-time access to live financial data, you can quickly drill into details to resolve delays and generate statements.

Make budgeting easier and more effective by fostering collaborative planning across the organization.

And finally minimize your efforts on tax reporting by full integration with Georgian Revenue Service web portal.

  • Unlimited number of financial reports
  • Generating  various financial indexes
  • Forming cost and revenue budget and analysing planned and actual performance
  • Supporting multicurrency operations, updating currencies according to NBG
  • Providing the tool for managing closing the period
  • Registering long term assets according to IFRS


For cost-effective production process you should stay agile, flexible and responsive.

From sales order to work order processing, routing and scheduling, order fulfillment and product costing, we can provide real-time visibility into every step of the production process to help you make more informed decisions.  Save yourself from unnecessary downtime, while increasing manufacturing efficiency, quality and profit margins.  With a little help from our software solutions, you can Optimize production capacity, control production processes operatively, conduct actual and normative cost analysis, have unlimited amount of specifications and etc.

  • Calculating production cost according to direct as well as overhead costs. Allocating indirect costs to produced goods according to material or labor costs manually or automatically.
  • Analyzing cost of produced goods and work in process goods in the standpoint of calculation articles
  • Automating long term production process
  • Analyzing production costs according to objects of exploitation
  • Producing goods with client’s or supplier’s resources

Wholesale and distribution

Providing optimal inventory levels and supplying your customers properly is a big challenge.

Improve everything from demand planning to inventory and supply chain management as well as run flexible, tightly integrated processes to achieve operational excellence. Keep your customers happy by delivering necessary goods and service in a timely manner.

  • Managing client orders, analyzing and monitoring them
  • Supporting different payment methods (in cash, by card, payment by installments, transfering), even within the same operation
  • Monitoring client overdue debts , managing “black list” and restricting sales for blacklisted clients
  • Delivering goods for clients directly from the warehouse, transporting on your own or by transporting company
  • Equiping distributors with mobile appliances by full automation of their  operations
  • Registering sales in the standpoint of consultants, sales managers, and distributors and forming motivational schemes according to the analysis


Retailers need to execute value chain & business process improvement strategies in order to address the commercial pressures of rapidly changing customer preferences.

Succeed your business with feature rich store operations, and back office applications with additional in-depth reporting and analytics. Simple and role adjustable POS provides you with both smooth high-volume retail operations and high-service specialty stores. Besides, simplicity enables registering sales operations quickly, considerably reducing the likelihood of making mistakes.

  • Managing retail sales smoothly offline, regardless of the connection to central database, network or internet
  • Supporting different payment methods by debit and credit cards, gift certificates, collected points or their combinations
  • Registrating retail sales in fiscal registrator mode. Option of printing X report, middle day duty transmission Z report, day closing Z report
  • Setting automatic discounts detrmined by central office while registering sales, accumulation or subtruction of generated points on loyalty cards
  • Canceling a receipt or temporarily revoking it in order to serve the next customer.
  • Setting up authorization options for retail operations, authorization using a card or a password. Saving authorization logs.
  • Registering corporate sales using cashier interface and automatically uploading waybills on


Detecting an preventing supply shortages by establishing minimal stock volumes and quickly making data inputs of stock operations. Stock reservation system enables satisfying demand in a timely manner, controlling available stocks and ordering them to suppliers in case of scarcity. Increase order accuracy,  pick and receive items faster and better control your inventory with our intelligent software.

  • Registering stocks and managing operations in different units of measurement
  • Assigning bar codes to inventory, generating and printing bar code labels. Easy execution of warehouse operations using specialized devices
  • Pysical counting of items (scanning) using software, as well as mobile devices
  • Supporting continuous stocktaking along with sales operations simultaneously

Procurement /Supply chain

Procurement without automation is expensive, slow and not good for the health of your business.

Follow all of the steps of the procurement process, including purchase order requisitioning, purchase order confirmation processing, delivery note processing and more.

Let procurement be more efficient and effective by keeping costs under control by selecting the best suppliers, enforcing policy, and managing supplier risk.

  • Orginizing suppliers registry and forming collaboration terms
  • Placing purchase orders automatically and controlling their fullfilement
  • Managing supplier contracts, determining terms and connditions and drawing payment calendars
  • Creating purchase documents automatically according to the waybills received on RS.GE. Controling the compliance of created documents in the database with received waybills from RS.GE
  • Calculating retro bonuses in the standpoint of suppliers


Your potential customers are only potential customers for a fleeting period of time.

Meet your prospects and customer needs with the integrated CRM. Drive sales performance, execute multi-phased marketing campaigns, craft a consistent customer experience and deliver outstanding customer service faster. Generate highly qualified leads and simply transform them into profitable sales.

Analyze statistics and get an accurate insight for future forecasts.

  • Creating the full database of stakeholders
  • Establishing milestones in customer relationships (meetings, calls, etc.)
  • Recording commercial proposals and registering actual sales according to them
  • Recording customer complaints and controlling feedbacks
  • Planning actions and setting reminders

HR & Payroll

HR is the most important recourse that smart managers should take care of.

Execute talent-driven strategies for workforce planning with embedded, insightful reports and analytics.

Software helps you streamline your HR transactions and processes, improve employee self-services - and provide stakeholders, HR managers, and employees with desired user experience.

  • Supporting detailed processing of staffing tables, controlling hiring process according to established staffing table, comparing staffing table to the existing staffing situation in order to identify openings.
  • Formation of vacation schedule and analysis of actual vacations used
  • Forming personnel decrees
  • Recording working hours, calculating salary on the basis of worked hours
  • Calculating salaries based on performance or other criteria


The bigger the company, the larger are document records.  Whether paper-based or electronic files, you need to organize, secure and manage them properly.

Reduce the cost and effort of producing business correspondence by creating your own document flow process and authorization rules. Connect your people, information, and processes to accelerate business and drive results. Software not only organizes document flow, it also enables managing processes, controlling task fulfillment and measuring organization’s effectiveness.

  • Standardizing document formation and related processes
  • Scanning documents and attaching them to relevant electronic objects
  • Managing the agreement, approval  and fulfillment process of the document
  • Simplifying assignment process
  • Forming reminders for upcoming tasks, monitoring overdue performed tasks
  • Integrated calendar and post client
  • Supporting corporate chat
  • Managing projects, analyzing time spent on them


Be the business you want to be catching the main insights and making bold decisions.

BI transforms your company's data into rich visuals for you to collect and organize so you can focus on what matters to you. Explore all your data, discover new patterns, create rich visuals and share insights.

Get in control by concentrating on crucial issues with easy-to-use analytics and business intelligence tools.

  • Receiving answers quickly in order to enhance faster decision making
  • Available for anyone from anywhere
  • Grabbing reports in real time
  • Receiving sales information in different standpoints: product name, product type, brand, manufacturer, core supplier, store type etc.)
  • Calculating sales for every square meter of the shop
  • Comparing current year’s sales to the previous year’s data
  • Receiving sales statistics for newly opened stores
  • Getting information about stores arrangement on the map, differentiating them by floor space, sales or other criteria