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  • A year of recycling plastic at BDO

A year of recycling plastic at BDO

27 April 2023

This April marks one full year since we started collecting plastic waste for recycling at BDO. To this day we have recycled over 300 kg of single use plastic. We recycle all types of plastic available for this purpose, but just to imagine easily, this would amount up to 12,600 units of standard plastic water bottles in total which need 450 years to degrade. 

300 kg of recycled plastic makes up to 200 kg of synthetic fiber (PS Fiber), which in turn can be used to make multiple use textile, depending on the end product type. 8 standard water bottles can make 1 T-shirt, 25 bottles are enough to make 1 fleece jacket. PS Fiber is used widely in the products of famous brands and is quite safe for use in clothes. Recycling a single plastic bottle saves approximately as much energy as needed for a 60 w light bulb to work for 3 hours.  

Statistically people use plastic objects for 15 minutes on average, but degrading them takes far more – over 100 years. Plastic is not biodegradable which means that it never fully disappears from nature; rather it turns into microplastic, which constantly goes into soil, water, air and eventually our organisms. So plastic, having otherwise made our lives comfortable, has in fact negative impact on us as well as next generations. 

Modern world has long embarked on a journey to promoting the right values for individuals and corporations and help them realise their share of responsibility for caring about our healthy environment. 

We started our “Solution Instead of Pollution” project this time last year, not exactly knowing what to expect. Today, along with recycling, reduction and ideally elimination of plastic use has become critical. Our nearest plans include particular efforts towards optimization of plastic use through changes in value chain to ensure more effective contribution to sustainable development. 

BDO is part of the United Nations Global Compact (UNDC) since 2021. With this step we declared that we took responsibility to act according to the UNGC 10 principles in the fields of human rights, labour, environment and anti-corruption and contribute to the delivery of UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). We also recycle paper and set ourselves an objective to inspire, educate and lead an unstoppable sustainability movement for the greater good to our environment and communities.