SQL Service

What do we serve?

We aim at providing optimal utilization of your server resources, offering recommendations on infrastructure, increasing base capacity and stable work.


What do you get?

  • Reduced time spent on reregistering from 15%
  • Decreased backup size from 60%
  • Quick and properly working database
  • Controlling database logs in order to ensure there is enough free space.


Why should you trust us?

We will diagnose your database for free and give you the report on how your database performs and how it can do better. If you decide to use our help, you will pay according to the results you get. Measuring them is pretty easy: just compare the time you needed to reregister or generate reports before and after the SQL treatment.


What we do to ensure your smooth operations?

  • Database performance analysis
  • Database index analysis
  • Database statistics relevance analysis
  • Server parameters analysis
  • System load  analysis
  • Conclusion and recommendations on System Performance and Problems.


How we solve the problem?

  • Checking logical errors of the database
  • Controlling and defragmentation of fragmented indexes
  • gathering user performance statistics
  • Analyzing and deleting unused indexes
  • Creating / editing required indexes based on statistics
  • Identifying and deleting duplicate indexes
  • Periodic database cleaning and exemption of unused space
  • Distributing data in different file systems (Partitioning Tables)
  • Compressing data in non-active spreadsheets (Table Compression)
  • Preparing a regulatory procedure for shrinking database logs
  • Preparing regulatory procedures for re-indexing, defragmenting and updating statistics of the database.