21 November 2017

The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) has recently awarded BDO with Approved Employer Professional Development status. This approval indicates ACCA’s recognition of employers who provide learning opportunities for ACCA members to support their continuing professional development (CPD).

BDO is now fully accredited in both streams of approval to pursue with ACCA, out of which the trainee development platinum status has been for years now acknowledging the continuing support BDO provides to ACCA trainees on their way towards membership. The recent recognition – professional development is the second ultimate accreditation to be awarded to an employer by ACCA.

Granting of this status ensures that ACCA members who participate in BDO’s development scheme automatically meet ACCA’s CPD requirements.

“This new status awarded by ACCA once again acknowledges and strengthens BDO’s image as a responsible employer. We constantly invest in our people and their professional development. Modern career path entails constant changes and need to adapt, especially for the accountants and auditors. Success of BDO depends on these people and we assume it our ultimate responsibility to provide them with proper environment and support for continuing learning and development, so they can always be acute and ready for changes and innovations. All this indeed along with general care and support we cherish here at BDO”, says Zurab Lalazashvili, managing partner.

BDO will maintain the approved employer professional development status for the coming three years until the due renewal.