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Individuals whose personal data we obtain in connection with providing services to our customers

Our policy is to collect only the personal data necessary for specified purposes and we ask our customers only to share personal data where it is strictly needed for those purposes.

Where we need to process personal data to provide our services, we ask our customers to provide the necessary information to the data subjects concerned regarding its use.  

We collect and use contact details for our customers to manage and maintain our relationship with those individuals.

Given the diversity of the services we provide to customers (click here for information on our services), we process many categories of personal data, including:

  • Contact details;
  • Business activities;
  • Information about management and employees;
  • Payroll and other financial-related details; and
  • Investments and other financial interests.

Generally, we collect personal data from our customers or from a third party acting on the instructions of the relevant customer.  For some of our services, for example, when undertaking a due diligence review of an acquisition target on behalf of a customer, we may obtain personal data from that target’s management and employees or from a third party acting on the instructions of the target.

We use personal data for the following purposes:

  • Providing professional services - We provide a diverse range of professional services (click here for information on our services).  Some of our services require us to process personal data to provide advice and deliverables.  For example, we will review payroll data as part of an audit.
  • Administering, managing and developing our businesses and services - We process personal data to run our business, including: managing our relationship with customers and developing our businesses and services.

If the processing of data, which we obtain in connection with providing services to our customers, is necessary for complying with a legal obligation, such as tax law regulations or necessity to document and evidence professional services provided, the processing will be based on the legal obligation.

If the personal data is processed for the other purposes specified in this section we will rely on the legitimate interest basis (e.g. providing our services) or the consent, if we asked the data subject for the consent.